MapleStory 2 Soul Binder Skill Guide | Two Types of Builds

I was planning on making a video for Soul Binder but ran out of time and it’s already out on December 6th! Because of this, I’ll just be sharing some skill guides I found on Inven here.

I’ve only played Soul Binder up to level 51? in KMS2 so I can’t make a 2nd job video yet… coming soon?

Note: Since we don’t have Awakening (2nd job) in GMS2 yet, these might be a little different~ Change things around based off what’s comfy!

Supportyish + awakening


I don’t want to support + awakening


tl;dr guide because I don’t have a full one

  • Not gender locked
  • Lots of orbs
  • Heal (can heal allies) but can’t replace priests
  • Shield
  • Empowered abilities with SP skill – It summons up to 4 orbs around you which empowers certain skills (will have a border around them while you have extra orbs out)
  • You can dash a lot
  • Heavy burst class (like assassin)
  • Long range

Here’s a Korean player showing off the skills!

If you’re interested in reading what each individual skill does, check out AyumiLove.

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